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A Quick History of Machine Chainstitching

The earliest iteration of the chain stitch machine was attempted in the early 1800's, but was perfected by Antoine Bonnaz. The Bonnaz patent was later acquired by Ercole Cornely and produced in Paris. Cornely developed a hook-shaped needle that could make a line of chain stitches. Initially available only in Northern France, Cornely machines became popular worldwide, with other companies (like Berlin's own Lintz und Eckhardt or Schirmer, Blau, und Co.) making their own versions.

Our own machines are an original French made Cornely and Berlin made Schirmer, Blau, and Co., made between the late 1800's and early 1900's. We primarily use German made threads in wool and cotton that have been produced for over one hundred years.

From couture to boardwalk souvenirs to bowling leagues to biker jackets, chainstitching has a unique place in history and we're proud to continue the legacy and do our best to honor the craft well.


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